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Mostra personale Susanna Laterza e Alberto Motolese

Mostra personale degli artisti Susanna Laterza e Alberto Motolese.
Durante l’inaugurazione sarà possibile ascoltare dischi inediti di Susanna Laterza.
La mostra continuerà fino al 10 febbraio 2019.

“Susanna Laterza was born on 28/02 in Bologna.
She started to play music when she was 14. In 2004 she met Alberto Motolese who discovered her music. The fact is that Susanna can’t play an instrument and she doesn’t know music theory, everything is in her head, in her memory. After some common experiences they decided to make her music “real” and to start a symbiosis.
Susanna’s music is totally received. There’s nothing intentional, there’s nothing false like a preference on a particular genre. She composed music from hardcore gabber to country passing from unnamed combinations of genres.
For Susanna music is not “being cool”, technique, or demonstrating something. It’s only a manifestation of her psyche. The lyrics are allegories, metaphores to express thoughts that can’t be expressed in another way. Practically, music for S is a scratchbook where she notes her personal research.
Another investigation consists in the quality of her work, that start from a simple “lo-fi” slowly becoming something new, a new sound quality out from the “lo-fi/hi-fi battle” and purely personal.”

(Ingresso riservato a soci AICS 2018/19.)