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Venta Protesix
venta protesix 15 dicembre
“Meaning absolutely nothing, the name Venta Protesix gathers the sprawling work of a composer self-confined to the isolation of not belonging to any musical genre or scene.
By overdriving perversity and derangement into recursive fractalizations of digital noise, Venta Protesix is as unpalatable to serious computer music listeners as he is too abstract and alienating for pedal-bashing harsh noise audiences.
The final result takes the shape of a loud and annoying band trapped in a laptop along with a 56k modem that survived the 90s which is able to create physical discomfort to his listeners.”
Ingresso gratuito riservato ai soci AICS 2018/19 con offerta libera consigliata per gli artisti.
Inizio ore 18:30 puntuali.